Ionian University, Department of Audio and Visual Arts (IU – AVARTS)

The Ionian University (I.U.) was established in Corfu in 1984. It aims to contribute to the revival and cultivation of the local intellectual heritage, a heritage partly deriving from the cultural impact of the long-lasting European occupations. What is more, the Ionian University aspires to play a significant academic role as one of the Greek Higher Education Institutions through its educational, scientific and cultural activities.
In the 30 years of its operation so far, the Ionian University developed rapidly, was staffed with young scholars and skillful professors, effectively solving the facility problem and taking initiatives in the cultural field. Professors and students enjoy the quality of life in the small island community, the quality of human relations, the opportunity for leisure activities, entertainment and recess in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the island. The members of the academic staff communicate with their students on a daily basis, monitoring the course of their progress, whereas at the same time they have the opportunity to contribute to the existing and new cultural activities in cooperation with local institutions.
The Special Account for Research Grants (S.A.R.G.) of the Ionian University was established in 1988 in order to meet the need to manage research grants from various sources that are to be invested in research, educational, training, and developmental projects, as well as other related services or activities which contribute to the establishment of linkages between education, research and the production market.
The realization of these programmes is achieved with the collaboration of members of the academic and teaching staff of the Ionian University or/and the collaboration of specialists, visiting professors, research fellows, market executives, when and if this is considered necessary, according to the needs and the characteristics of each project. Postgraduate students and outside agents can also participate as research fellows. In some cases, graduate students can get involved in a project, as research assistants.
The President of the Research Committee and the Head of the Secretariat of the Special Account for Research Grants have the general supervision of the S.A.R.G. and are responsible for the effective function of all the Departments of the S.A.R.G. Secretariat.
Up to this day, the Ionian University S.A.R.G. has developed over 160 research projects and educational programmes financed by the European Committee, International Organizations, the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, ministries, banks, other state organizations, as well as private institutions. The Programmes are implemented by consortia formed through bilateral or multilateral transnational cooperations with universities, research centres and other institutions, in Greece, the European Union or third countries.
According to the Senate’s decision, the Ionian University S.A.R.G.’s proceeds are used for the students’ education, to finance other research projects and serve different purposes, such us the award of scholarships to postgraduate students.