Become a partner


Are you new to BYZART and wish to become a partner to one of the largest communities that deal with the digital cultural heritage of Byzantine Art and Archaeology in Europe?

If you wish to contribute with your archives or benefit from publishing your data in BYZART Thematic Channel in Europeana Collections, you can send us an email with the information below:

  1. Are you and individual or institution? (Please state institution name, name/role of contact person and full contact information)
  2. What is your main area of expertise or research?
  3. What kind of data do you wish to contribute?
  4. What is the origin of the content you wish to submit (is it European and connected to Byzantine Art and Archaeology?)
  5. Is this content owned by you or your Institution?
  6. Is the content already digitized and in good quality?(for further information regarding the digitization procedure and quality of the data provided please consult the relevant guides at BYZART website)
  7. If your content is already digitized, is it also available online at the moment? (Please provide relevant link)

After having communicated with the Consortium, a member will contact you shortly.