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Lid of a roman sarcophagus, with episodes of symposium and grape harvest

Detail of a scene, with a woman wearing a tunic and holding a branch in her hand

Sarcophagus with a central gate and hences; Standing figures of a man and a woman occupy the corners of the sarcophagus. On the lid is written "S. GAVINVS".

Sarcophagus with hences and a central scene with a man sitting and holding a roll and a woman. Two figures are also depicted on the corners. On the lid is written "S. JANVARIVS".

Sarcophagus with hences; in the centre of the front part there is a clipeo with a human figure wearing a pallio; under the clipeo there are two cornucopias; on the corners two male semi-naked figures are depicted. Over the lid is written "S. PRTVS".

Right side of the external wall of the Church, with the bell tower

Frescoes with geometrical motifs and two saints

Sarcophagus with a handled table

Sculpted relief with three shepherds, carrying a ram over their shoulders. The representation includes a scenery of grape harvest.

"Via Salaria" sarcophagus with a "kriophoros" shepherd (carrying a ram) and a praying woman. The deceased couple is engaged in an erudite discussion. Two rams are depicted on the opposite sides of the sarcophagus.

Front of sarcophagus depicting the Miracles of Christ: from the left, the Healing of the Man Born Blind, the Prediction of Peter's Denial, the Miracle of Cana, the Miracle of the Five Loaves and Two Fishes, the Raising of Lazarus.

Front of the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, praefectus urbi Romae: it features relief scenes arranged in rows in a columnar framework. Top row, from left to right: Sacrifice of Isaac, Judgement or Arrest of Peter, Enthroned Christ with Peter and Paul…

Ivory casket (perhaps a reliquary), bearing relief carvings of scenes from the Old and New Testament, male busts in clipea frames and decorative motifs.

Sarcophagus depicting three sailing vessels entering a port, one of them trying to rescue a man overboard; to the far left a storeyed building with two people watching, and to the far right a lighthouse.

Ivory diptych of Consul Anicius Flavius Petronius Probus, a Roman aristocrat of the Anicii family, depicting the Roman Emperor Honorius.

Marble low-relief carved slab, decorating the altar at "S. Agnese fuori le mura" basilica, in Rome: the young martyr Agnes, dressed with a tunic, is praying in front of a fake parapet.

Drawing of an altar (?) front, featuring a relief of different figures framed by arches and columns: in the middle, Christ is depicted as Pantocrator seated on a throne in glory, surrounded by three angels and one cherub on each side. At the top, an…

Drawing of a sculpted relief featuring from the left side to the right: an angel addressing to two armed people, in the middle Christ Pantocrator sitting on a throne, surrounded by a wreath-shape clipeus held by two angels and framed by two palm…